Losing weight can be a battle all in itself. And going it alone can make the journey harder for you. The good news is, there are so many options for getting support to make healthy diet and lifestyle changes. No matter what your schedule or preference, you can find a group, online or in person, day or night that can help you stick to your guns when the going gets tough. Let’s look at the various support groups and find an option that’s right for you. 

The Personal Touch – InPerson Support Groups 

Sometimes actually getting out of the house and going to meet and talk with other like-minded people is the motivation you need to stick to your new healthy habits. The result is twofold. These groups give you the support you need while at the same time, making you accountable for your actions. Examples of groups like this include Overeaters Anonymous and OAC or Obesity Action Coalition. Some of these groups may also include medical professionals who can answer any questions you might have.  

A Web of Support – Online Groups and Social Media 

If you don’t have the time or live near an in-person group, don’t despair! There are many online communities that you can join to help you in your weight loss journey. Some of these include Obesity Help and Bariatric Pal. Members on these sites share everything from recipes to diet plans to motivational stories. Check one out today and see which one is right for you. However, keep in mind that many of these sites do not include medical professionals. If you have a question about something you saw or read, contact your doctor or health practitioner.  

Apps to Get You Active 

There are quite a few choices when it comes to apps that will help you with your diet and exercise goals. My Fitness Pal is a comprehensive calorie counting and exercise tracking app that has a great free version. It can help you reach your nutrition and fitness goals, all with the touch of a few buttons at your pace and on your schedule. You simply input your information, and My Fitness Pal will calculate it for you. Moreover, since it’s already on your smartphone, you can use throughout the day to keep you on track. My Fitness Pal also has an online community that you can join for extra support. Other apps include those that go with Fitbit and Fat Secret. 

Whether in person, online, or using an app, you can get the support you need to succeed in your fitness and weight loss goals. Good luck on your journey to better health!

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