The most perfect and ideal Green Smoothies are made from organic fruits and vegetables. This is pure fresh nutritious food that you know has never been treated with pesticides, or had their growth encouraged with chemical fertilizers.

The high nutritional content of these foods are easily and completely assimilated by your body. So, why call it fast food? Because you can have a delicious organic Green Smoothie ready to drink in 5 minutes or less!

Green Smoothies are prepared with fresh raw fruits and vegetables, which means that none of their nutritional value has been lost through adding preservatives or cooking them. Preparing a smoothie with these foods by processing them in a blender breaks down all of the fibrous cells which plants are composed of. This allows you to reap the full benefit of all the nutrients that they have to offer. It makes those nutrients exceptionally easy for the body to absorb and metabolize in every cell of your body.

Your body will thank you for this intoxicating drink that you are offering it by shedding its excess pounds and becoming far more energetic. The body, and by extension you will enjoy increased resistance to disease, improvement in current medical conditions, and a general all over feeling of health and well-being.

You option of fruits and vegetables included in your Green Smoothie are entirely in your control. This makes them easy and quick to tailor to your own needs and preferences. There are many options for additives to increase the nutrition and the taste of your smoothies. Just remember to use a varied selection of ingredients in a 60/40 fruit/vegetable ratio, and regularly rotate the greens that you use. Don’t worry if you don’t like the taste of some varieties of greens, because when you add them to your favorite fruits in a Green Smoothie, you will even never know they are in there.

Special thanks to: Sean And Lauren

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