Kale is a food that has been getting a lot of attention lately. Leafy and green, it is low in calories and full of proteins and vitamins like vitamin A, C and K and minerals like potassium, calcium thiamin, riboflavin and iron. It is rich in antioxidants and great for reducing inflammation and lowering cholesterol.

Kale is also a great detoxifier. Eating it regularly can help detoxify the liver ridding your body of harmful toxins and making you feel healthier overall.

There are many ways you can prepare kale for its detoxifying benefits. One is to enjoy it in a Green Detox Smoothie. Not only does this smoothie contain kale, it also contains fresh fruit and ginger all of which can work to clean toxins from the body.

Here’s how you can prepare it.


  •         2 cups baby spinach
  •         2 cups baby kale
  •         2 ribs celery, chopped
  •         1 medium green apple, chopped
  •         1 cup frozen sliced banana
  •         1 cup almond milk
  •         1 tablespoon grated fresh ginger
  •         1 tablespoon chia seeds
  •         1 tablespoon honey


  1.     Combine spinach, kale, celery, apple, banana, almond milk, ginger, chia seeds and honey in blender until smooth.
  2.     Serve immediately.

Other ways to prepare kale to enjoy its detoxifying benefits are as follows:

  •         Steam it: Steaming kale will make its nutrients easier to absorb and more bioavailable. Eating the vegetable this way will help the body detox by promoting regularity.
  •         Pair it with Fats: Research has shown that the health promoting compounds in kale can be strengthened when it is paired with good fats. Try eating it in a salad with oil-based dressing as this will help make the fat-soluble carotenoids more available to the body.
  •         Put it on Your Skin: Kale has been shown to detoxify skin cells and protect skin from damaging UV rays. You can make a kale mask using spinach, kale, olive oil and heavy cream. Leave on your face for 8 minutes to enjoy the detoxifying benefits.

Kale is a powerhouse of nutrients that can do wonders for your body. Incorporate it into your meals to enjoy the benefits it can provide. How will you be including this superfood in your everyday life?

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