According to the USDA, the average American downs an astonishing 36 pounds of cheese. Even more amazing, that same person indulges in an average of 24 pounds of frozen dairy products, with full-fat ice cream topping the list. And adding to the dietary burden, that same person downs 200 pounds of dairy-based liquid including milk, half-and-half, and cream. All in all, that’s 260 pounds of dairy. What happens when you stop indulging? Here are five amazing changes to look forward to.

You’ll Stop Wrestling with Your Skinny Jeans

It makes sense to avoid things that make you look and feel terrible, and dairy tops the list. Stop eating it, and you’ll lose weight effortlessly – especially when you replace it with more whole, plant-based foods. You’ll also stop bloating, which happens due to lactose intolerance. One more thing will happen with your digestion when you stop eating dairy: You’ll be far more regular, and this will contribute to a lighter, leaner feeling. 

Your Sinuses Will Clear Up

Maybe you’ve noticed the correlation between dairy intake and stuffy sinuses. Eat a piece of pizza or drink a milkshake, and suddenly your head fills up with phlegm. It’s a common occurrence that many people take for granted. Being able to breathe clearly is definitely a fantastic tradeoff, and it’s something that you’ll probably notice immediately.

You’ll Enjoy Better Skin

Dairy products contain high levels of hormones, plus sugar. This cocktail often spells disaster for skin, leading to pimples even in people who ought to be too old for breakouts. Don’t be surprised of people start to comment on your beautiful, glowing skin. While you might see some immediate results if you have acne-prone skin, you’ll notice a huge difference when your skin heals completely. This process can take up to six months, so give it time. Eating superfoods and drinking lots of smoothies can help speed up the process, detoxing and nourishing at the same time.

You Will Have More Energy

The dairy industry promotes milk, cheese, and other products as high-energy foods, and in a sense, they are – for baby cattle, that is! More and more athletes are going completely vegan because they love the light, energetic feeling that comes when they leave meat and dairy off their plates. The human digestive system isn’t set up to digest milk (we’re the only species that even attempts to do this) and when we eliminate it, our bodies thank us by providing us with a peppy, fired-up feeling.  

You’ll Have Fewer Food Cravings in the Long Run

Why do you long for cheese and crave ice cream? The answer lies in casein and other milk proteins, which lead to a condition that is similar to opiate dependence. You won’t go into convulsions when you stop dairy, but you’ll notice that your cravings intensify for a short time. Ride them out and replace dairy-based foods with whole, plant-based ones, and you’ll never have intense cravings again. When and if you do find yourself reaching for ice cream or cheese, look for a plant-based alternative or make one using natural goodies like coconut or cashew.


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