Sugar adds a sweet taste to our foods but when it comes to the benefits it provides, it just about ends there.

Sugar has no nutritional value; it contains no protein, essential fats, vitamins or minerals.

It interferes with the hormones in your body that regulate feelings of hunger leading to increased calorie intake and weight gain.

It affects the metabolism leading to an increase of insulin and fat storage and it has been linked to deadly diseases like diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

Taking all this into consideration, it’s no wonder there is an ongoing quest to find healthy alternatives to sugar. This article will explore some of these options so you can determine which are best for you.

Stevia: Stevia is highly recommended as a sugar alternative. It’s a sweetener that is extracted from the leaves of a South American shrub known as Stevia Rebaudiana. It contains zero calories and is not associated with weight gain or any adverse health effects.

And not only is Stevia considered safe, it has been shown to lower blood sugar and insulin levels to lower the risk of diabetes.

Stevia is probably your healthiest option when it comes to sugar substitutes, but here are some others you might want to try.

Xylitol: This is a sugar alcohol that is extracted from corn or birch wood and it is found in several fruits and vegetables. It is not associated with any health risks and it may offer dental benefits and protect against osteoporosis.

Erythritol:  This is another sugar alcohol that does not have any harmful effects. It tastes exactly like sugar but only has 6% of the calories.

Yacon Syrup: Extracted from the yacon plant, this sweetener is low in calories and high in fructooligosaccharides which feed good bacteria in the gut and may support weight loss.

Sugar is great for adding a sweet taste to your foods, but it may not be worth the health risks it can cause. Fortunately, nature supplies several healthy alternatives. Which will you be using to sweeten your coffee?

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