Your body needs cholesterol to stay healthy, but high amounts of the wrong types of cholesterol can increase the risk of heart disease. It can cause fatty deposits in the blood vessels that can make it difficult for blood to flow through these arteries.

Fortunately, you can prevent high cholesterol from eating the right foods. You can stay away from foods that are high in bad cholesterol, but there are also foods and ingredients that will naturally lower cholesterol in the body. Studies show that adding olive oil to your recipes can be effective in lowering cholesterol.

Olive oil works to lower cholesterol because it is high in monosaturated fat. In addition to lowering cholesterol, monosaturated fats also provide nutrients that help maintain healthy cells and are rich in antioxidants.

If you are looking to add olive oil to your diet for the health benefits it provides, it is best to use less refined varieties as much of the oil’s healthy compounds are lost during the refining process.

There are many ways olive oil can be incorporated into a diet and it can make a great substitute for ingredients that aren’t as healthy. For instance, it can be used as an alternative to butter. Olive oil can be used instead of butter in a 3 to 4 ratio so 3 parts olive oil is equal to 4 parts butter.

Butter can also be used instead of canola and vegetable oil. Not only is it a healthier choice, many would also argue that it has a better flavor.

Here are some other ways you can incorporate olive oil in your diet:

  •         Salad Dressing: Use olive oil as a base for delicious vinaigrette salad dressings to use on your favorite greens.
  •         Roasted Veggies: You can give your veggies a great flavor by roasting them in olive oil. Enhance the taste by adding sea salt and finishing with a balsamic.
  •         Potatoes: Olive oil makes for a great butter substitute that can be used to take your mashed potatoes to the next level.

Olive oil is a healthy way to lower your cholesterol and get your dishes tasting great. How will you be using it to improve your diet?

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