Your skin an body absorb toxins all day long, every day of the week, The air you breathe, the canned and processed foods you eat, cleaning and personal hygiene products that you use, and even the water that you drink, are all filled with chemicals that are toxic to the human body.

While the body is designed to get rid of toxins that enter it, the truth is that there are more toxins going into the body than it is capable of getting rid of. You could call it toxic overload. An occasional detox gives your body a hand in eliminating the excess toxins that it is not able to process out on its own.

There are many ways and products for detoxifying. The majority of methods stress the body in extreme ways in an attempt to achieve a cleansing detox. Fasting, juicing and commercial products not only put extreme stress on the body and its processes, but they deny the body the nutrients it needs to continue functioning properly.

There is a far better way to detox, and its name is Green Smoothie. As good as they are for your health and nutrition; they are every bit as good as a detoxification tool. Fiber and water are the key ingredients in a complete and efficient detox. Green Smoothies are full of fiber and water. Plus, they provide the added advantage of not depriving your body of essential nutrients.

Use fruits and vegetables that are best suited for a detox program, the ones that aid in flushing the body, such as citrus fruits. Avoid ingredients that contain any fats like spinach or cucumber. Adding some fresh ginger can add additional cleansing action and great taste.

A three day detox, consuming nothing but Green Smoothies, will make you feel energetic, rejuvenated and even a couple pounds lighter. Detoxing is recommended no more than four times a year. However, if you make Green Smoothies a part of your regular diet, you won’t find that you need much detoxifying!

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